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Tire Repairs

tire repair serviceTire problems can occur at the worst times. When they do, you need S&S Tire to handle your tire repair quickly. We offer a complete range of tire repair services to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The S&S Tire professionals understand tire repair, and we know that tires are a substantial investment. We will do our best to discover the source of your tire problem, whether it is a flat or a slow leak. And by the way, it is amazing to see what we have found in our customers tires! If there is a way to safely repair your tire, we will find it and get the job done quickly.

When a repair is not the safest option, we will assist you in selecting the best replacement. We offer customers the option of purchasing an extensive Road Hazard Warranty on new tires, which includes free tire repairs, for the ultimate peace of mind on the road.

Tire Repair service The damaged tire is prepped for repair.
Tire Repair service A plug/patch combo is inserted into the puncture.
Tire Repair service A tar-like sealant is used to seal the adhesive patch in the last step of the repair.

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