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Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Today’s cars have brains, that is, on-board computer technology. Not only do on-board systems enhance car performance, the technology is also needed in the diagnosis of your car’s performance. When the “Check Engine” light comes on, or your car is not running properly, S&S Tire uses computer diagnostics to determine what part is malfunctioning.

Symptoms your car may need diagnostic attention:

  • Indicator (warning) light(s) on dashboard is illuminated
  • Unusual noises or driving conditions

S&S Tire will:

  • Pinpoint issues and diagnosis with state-of-the art diagnostic equipment
  • Repair and/or replace any engine components, if needed

How does an engine diagnostic work?
S&S Tire will connect our diagnostic tools with the on-board computer of your car. The device will interface with the car computer and reveal a diagnostic code, which we reference in our database of manufacturer car codes. The code will provide the necessary information to identify and solve the car problem.

Diagnostic codes can indicate a variety of problems ranging from simple to complex. Diagnostic information enables us to provide the most accurate estimates for repair costs and the amount of time that will be necessary to address the problem.

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