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Power Steering

The wheels of your vehicle are controlled by the power steering system. The power steering system relies on power from the vehicle and requires power steering fluid to keep the system free of contamination and debris. Power steering fluid also serves to lubricate the system.

As the additives in your power steering fluid degrade, the system no longer functions properly. Periodic flushing of power steering fluid is necessary to assure that the system functions as designed. This involves flushing out the old fluid and the recirculation of new fluid through the system.

Symptoms your vehicle may need power steering service:

  • Unusual noises as you turn the steering wheel
  • Noticeable resistance in turning the steering wheel
  • Leakage of any kind

Benefits of a Power Steering Fluid Flush

  • Less noise and easier steering
  • Averts future expensive repairs of power steering components
  • Enhances steering effectiveness
  • Prevents premature wear on essential parts

We provide complete power steering system service.  Our technicians will flush the power steering system to remove sludge, contaminants, and build-up. This will ensure that the system is functioning properly.  Periodic power steering flushes are considered a preventative maintenance service. Consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommended schedule.


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