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Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injectors are the electronically controlled valves, which are supplied with pressurized fuel from the car fuel pump. As an injector is actuated, a plunger opens the valve and allows the pressurized fuel to be sprayed or atomized through a tiny nozzle at the intake valves.

Every day dirt and carbon deposits form in your car’s fuel injectors, fuel system, on the intake valves and in the combustion areas. These build-ups can rob your car of performance. S&S Tire recommends fuel injection service every 25,000 miles.

Symptoms your car may need a fuel injection cleaning:

  • Stalling, sputtering, dieseling
  • Engine pinging
  • Rough idle and poor performance
  • Decreased gas mileage

S&S Tire will:

  • Inject top quality fuel injection cleaner (2 part cleaning agent) to release and remove deposits and/or debris that accumulates with normal car use

Why is fuel injection service necessary?
Fuel injector cleaning is necessary for removing the deposits that form at the injector nozzle tip. If these deposits are not addressed, they will get progressively worse. The deposits form when the engine is shut off, and is still very hot. After shut off, the water pump stops circulating coolant, so the engine temperature continues to rise for a period, before it begins to cool off. The remnant of fuel left at the injector tip is baked on. This can also occur with the intake valve and combustion areas. If not removed, the baked on residue acts as a sponge, collecting more fuel, and subsequently more deposits. The more fuel it holds, the larger the deposit gets. This means that fuel held in the deposits is taken from the engine. Also, as the deposits grow they block the flow of fuel. Fuel injection service prevents this from occurring.


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