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Your brakes are the most important safety component on your car, next to the tires! Your car brake system is housed next to each of the wheels and includes linings, rotors, and brake pads. For safety sake, pay attention to your brakes! See, hear, and feel!

Symptoms indicating your brakes may need service:

  • See: Warning light illuminated on dash (indicating brakes)
  • Hear: Grinding or Squealing
  • Feel: Loss of brake pedal (pedal goes further to the floor than normal or feels spongy) or pulsating brake pedal (feel brake shaking with foot applied to pedal)

S&S Tire’s certified brake specialist will:

  • Inspect hardware and components
  • If needed, replace worn brake pads or shoes with new, high quality replacements
  • Resurface or replace rotors if needed

How do car braking systems work?
The two basic types of brake systems include drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brake systems incorporate brake shoes that push out against a spinning brake drum, attached to the wheel, which slows the car by means of friction. Disc brakes are more common, and incorporate the use of brake pads to squeeze a spinning disc rotor, which is attached to the wheel.

Each system works by creating friction, so brake parts are subject to wear. In order to evaluate the degree of wear, and whether replacement is necessary, the S&S Tire professionals have the experience and knowledge to determine the best option for you.


Brakes service and repair


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