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Just as alignment is the key to a perfect swing, it is the key to ensuring that your car handles correctly. Potholes, bumps and accidents can knock your car out of alignment. It is essential to safe guard your car with regular alignment checks and adjustments when necessary. Alignment will also help increase the life and performance of your tires.

Symptoms indicating your car’s alignment may need service:

  • You’ve hit something
  • Car pulls to one side or the other
  • Uneven, unusual or premature tire wear such as a wear pattern on the shoulder of the tire.
  • Steering wheel is off-center.

S&S Tire offers both STANDARD and 4-WHEEL computerized alignment and will:

  • Inspect and if needed, adjust all settings (camber, caster, and toe).
  • 4-Wheel: adjust rear alignment to straight and then adjust front alignment in sync with rear alignment.
  • Inspect front-end parts and components for wear. If needed, install new, high quality replacements.
  • Inspect and if needed, adjust steering wheel.

Why is alignment so important?
Proper tire alignment is vital in the prevention of tire wear and drive train damage. Gas consumption is also reduced when a car is properly aligned, due to decreased friction against the road surface.

Incorrect alignment can lead to steering and tracking problems. Safe guarding the handling and control of your car with proper alignment can help you prevent or avoid accidents.

Failing to maintain proper alignment will make it impossible to maintain factory specified suspension settings that control your car’s ride quality.


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