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Air Conditioning

Working air conditioning in your vehicle is something you may take for granted, but when temperatures rise and the system fails, it will be the first thing you notice. A number of issues can be responsible when an air conditioning system quits working. The system may simply need a recharge or a new compressor might be necessary. Often before an air conditioning system has problems, there are warning signs or symptoms to alert the vehicle owner.

Symptoms your car may need air conditioning service:

  • Vehicle will not cool to set temperature
  • Fan/blower is louder than usual or will not work
  • Vehicle idles roughly or stalls when A/C is used
  • Using A/C causes vehicle to run hot
  • Water leakage occurs inside the vehicle

S&S Tire will:

  • Take pressure readings
  • Check for leakage
  • Test outlet temperature
  • Check components and observe performance
  • Inspect hoses, belts, and connections
  • Remove and recharge refrigerant

How often does a vehicle’s air conditioning system need to be recharged?

The recommended frequency of air conditioning recharging service depends on the amount of refrigerant needed. Whether or not the system leaks can also be a factor. A automotive air conditioning system can lose 1-2 ounces of refrigerant per year. The type of vehicle also makes a difference – compact cars usually need 10 ounces, while an SUV may require 40 ounces. In most cases, you do not need to worry about recharging the A/C system until it quits working.

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