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Tire News: Goodyear Discovers Soybean Oil Benefits for Tire Manufacturing

Dear Readers,
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company released the exciting news today! The company’s Innovation Center researchers have discovered that soybean oil may have many benefits in the manufacture of tires. This is exciting news, not just for tire enthusiasts like me, but for anyone who’s been worried about increasing tire prices or concerned about the effects of manufacturing on the environment.

According to Goodyear, testing has indicated that the use of soybean oil in tires has the potential to increase tread life by 10 percent. They also predict that the use of soybean oil may reduce the use of petroleum-based oil in their tire manufacturing by as much as seven million gallons per year. Testing has also shown that soybean oil blends well with the silica used in making tires. Goodyear says this would result in better efficiency and reduced energy consumption in the tire making process.

As it looks right now, the benefits of soybean oil in tire manufacturing are there for all sides. It is good news for vehicle owners who want to get the most value from their tire investment.
For manufacturers, it is expected to increase efficiency and energy savings. And replacing petroleum with a renewable resource should be better for the environment. If the testing continues to go well, the company expects to be able to offer tires manufactured with soybean oil to consumers by 2015.

In addition to the research being done on soybean oil, Goodyear is currently engaged in other projects focusing on the use of renewable raw materials. To learn more, you can read the news release on Good Year’s corporate website.

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