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Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Summer Car Care: How to Beat the Heat

thermometerSummer is the time for fun in the sun, and not the time you’d be thinking about car trouble, right? Though summer may provide for better road conditions than winter, don’t discount the potential for hot weather perils. All of that heat can be more than a little stressful for our vehicles. Extreme temperature fluctuations can be especially rough on cars and trucks.

When temperatures rise, this compounds the high temperatures that are already happening under your hood. This means your cooling and ventilation systems have to work even harder at keeping your vehicle protected. It is easy for a vehicle to breakdown under hot summer conditions, so it is important to keep an eye on these especially vulnerable areas:

Tires – Excessive heat causes the air inside of your tires to expand. To reduce the risk of blowouts, check tire pressure regularly and keep tires properly inflated.

Radiator – An overheated engine can quickly lead to a breakdown that will leave you stranded. Make sure your radiator is filled with the fluid it needs to prevent overheating.

Regular Maintenance – Your vehicle is most likely to operate at peak performance if you keep it in peak condition. Make sure you stay up-to-date on oil changes and other routine maintenance.

Cooling System – Have your cooling system checked at the beginning of the summer to make sure you are ready for the heat. The cooling system keeps the engine cool, and allows the AC system to function properly.

Battery – Check the condition of your battery in the hot summer months. Keep it topped off with distilled water and make sure it is free from corrosion.