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Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Make a Resolution to Take Better Care of Your Tires

This time of year finds folks making new year’s resolutions to take better care of themselves, with goals such as losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising more. These are all great ideas that can help you feel better and live longer.

In addition to taking better care of yourself, you can also resolve to take better care of your tires. Here’s a list of simple tire care resolutions that will help your tires perform better and last longer. You will also enjoy the benefit of  better gas mileage and enhanced safety on the road.

Check Your Tire Tread
Insert a penny, positioned so that “In God We Trust” appears across the top,  into five different sections of the tire, paying attention to the visibility of Lincoln’s head. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, your treads are worn out and it’s time to get a new set of tires.

Check Tire Pressure
Take a few minutes to check your tire pressure at least once a month.  It does not take long to do, and it could save you big by extending your tire life and improving gas mileage. Check your owner’s manual to confirm the proper pressure for your vehicle’s tires. Keep in mind that the maximum pressure is not the same as the recommended pressure.

Tire Rotation
Regular tire rotation is an important part of maintenance that will significantly extend the life of your tires. Manufacturers have specific recommendations for their vehicles. It’s important to refer to your owner’s manual tire rotation guidelines to maintain proper tread wear.

Tire Balancing
Tire balancing should be part of your regular service routine.  This should be done according to your owner’s manual recommended schedule. Tire balancing allows for a smooth ride and promotes even tire wear by correctly adjusting the wheel weight distribution around the vehicle.

Tire Alignment
Tires that are out of alignment will not only decrease the life of your tires with uneven tread wear, they also compromise the safety of your vehicle. Have the alignment inspected if you notice problems with your vehicle’s handling.

Spare Tire Check
Check to make sure your spare tire is in good condition. Monitor the tire pressure of your spare when you check the pressure of your other tires, so your spare is ready when you need it. Remember that a spare is intended for temporary use only, so you will need to go tire shopping as soon as possible.