Hit the Street for Trick or Treat!

We love Trick or Treat night – it is such a fun time in our neighborhood! It probably will not surprise you to learn that we always give EXTRA candy to the kids that come to the door in auto-themed costumes! Lightning McQueen  has been a very popular choice in recent years.

If you are still working on costume ideas and are a do-it-yourself type, here are some clever ideas to help you along:
Car Costume
Many of the components of this cute car costume can be found around your home.

race car costume

This costume just requires a little dressing up of ordinary clothing items, and has the added benefit of being warm!

Fresh Costume

Coolest Homemade Costumes has an entire page full of high speed costumes like this fresh idea!

Family Costume
Looking for a family costume? This one covers the entire crew!

If you don’t have the creative skills to make your own car themed costume, there’s a wide variety ready-made options to choose from.

Have a fun and safe Trick or Treat night!