Tire Shopping: Understanding Your Options

Tire Code Part 2:  Aspect Ratio, Tire Construction, and Wheel Diameter It is important to familiarize yourself with the differences between the many available tire … Continued

Pothole Damage: Tires and Vehicles

It’s good old pothole season! Winter can really do a number on the roads, causing an increase in potholes & overall road damage. Potholes are … Continued

The Road Salt Assault

Washes are Important Now for Removing Road Salt Road salt is a necessary evil. It is great for preventing accidents and keeping roadways safe. Salt … Continued

Tracy Treadmore

Meet Tracy Treadmore

It all began when Tracy converted her Barbie Dream House into a service garage, and had Barbie performing wheel alignment and adjusting the toe, camber and caster settings on her pink Corvette. While her friends played on the swing set and traversed the monkey bars, she could be found identifying the make and model of the playground tire shavings. Tracy’s passion for tires began early, and never relented. Today, Tracy continually scours the latest word on wheels, reports on rubber, and test track results, never tiring of the subject.

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