Tires and wheels are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Particularly with commercial vehicles, you’re dealing with a significant amount of time on the road – and you’re likely hauling heavy loads.

Caring for your vehicle should be a top priority, and that includes a tire and wheel balancing service.

At S&S Tire and Best-One Tire & Service, we provide a reliable service that you can count on.

The Importance of Tire & Wheel Balancing

Tires are quite an investment, so you must do everything you can to keep them in good working order. If they wear too quickly, it can lead to more frequent replacements – and that will start to add up quickly.

Balancing your tires can offer a wide array of benefits:

  • You will enjoy a smoother ride
  • You’ll get better gas mileage
  • You’ll extend the life of your tires
  • You’ll protect the suspension of your vehicle
  • You’ll have a safer ride

Particularly as you drive at higher speeds, tire and wheel balancing becomes more important. You don’t want to lose control of the vehicle – and if your tires aren’t properly balanced, it can lead to a lot of vibrations. You’ll even feel them in the steering wheel.

The tires can start to wear at uneven rates, making it harder to maintain control of the vehicle. It can take its toll on fuel efficiency as well as overall suspension. Soon, you’ll not only have a safety issue but also expensive repairs that impact other systems on your vehicle.

You’ll know when it’s time to schedule the service based on what’s happening when you’re behind the wheel. If you feel too much vibration or your fuel efficiency has dropped, it’s likely because the tires’ weight distribution is off.

By taking the time to schedule tire and wheel balancing as needed, you can do more to protect your vehicle – and be safer when you’re on the road.

What is Involved

Tire and wheel balancing is a service that should be performed every 5,000 miles or six months, depending on the frequency in which you drive.

Many commercial vehicles get the service performed more regularly – and that’s because of the number of miles being driven every month.

Tire balancing is about ensuring that the tires are balanced. There are small weights on the tires – they’re attached near the edges of the wheel. The weights are there to help distribute the weight evenly.

It’s important to know this: tire balancing and wheel alignment are not the same services.

While both are important, they do very different things. Tire balancing is to ensure that the weight of the tires is evenly distributed while a wheel alignment focuses on suspension to ensure that the tire meets the road at the correct angles.

In some instances, you may even want to schedule both – and we can certainly help you with all of the tire and wheel services you need at S&S Tire.

Why S&S Tire and Best One Should Be Your Go-To Service Center

At S&S Tire, we are three generations of being family-owned and operated. Our goal is always to create value for our customers.

With our commitment to commercial vehicles, we understand the demands of the road. We work with trucks of all sizes throughout the week to ensure that their tires and wheels are in good shape. With multiple tire stores and truck tire centers, we are here to support all of your needs when you’re on the road – and we even offer a 24-hour road service in the event that you have issues in the middle of your travels.

Call to Schedule Your Appointment Today

Scheduling your appointment is easy – just call the S&S Tire location that is closest to you. We’ll set you up for the tire and wheel balancing as well as any other services that you need.

Our friendly technicians will take a look at what’s going on and ensure that your tires are properly balanced. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible. If other issues need to be addressed, we’ll go over them with you at the end. This way, problems can be solved so that you don’t deal with bigger problems (and bigger repair bills) later on.

Additionally, we can set you up for a regular schedule so that you always know when it’s time to bring your vehicle in for tire balancing again.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your tire and wheel needs.

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