Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

On-Staff TIA Certified Trainer

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is an international association representing all areas of the tire industry. TIA provides technicians with a membership that provides training materials and testing. TIA uses the most comprehensive, up-to-date tire service training methods and materials. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires documented training for all employees that handle truck tires and wheels. The training provided by TIA covers a variety of tire service skills and technical knowledge, allowing technicians to install correctly and service automobile tires, wheels, and TPMS equipment. TIA has committed to providing the most comprehensive educational services available. This includes hands-on training and certification for experienced technicians and basic online training for new hires.

What is a TIA Certified Trainer?

Certified TIA trainers are authorized by TIA to provide education and training on a variety of topics within the tire industry. These topics include tire repair, mounting and balancing, and safety procedures. TIA Certified Trainers are recognized as experts in their field and play an essential role in promoting safety and quality in the tire industry. Individuals must meet specific requirements to become TIA Certified Trainers. These requirements include a minimum level of experience in the tire industry and completing the TIA’s Train-the-Trainer program. During the train-the-trainer program, individuals learn about tire and wheel service, safety procedures, and industry regulations.

In addition, there is a TIA Online University which provides technicians with the most comprehensive and up-to-date tire service training available anywhere. The basic level training is intended for newly hired technicians as part of their orientation. However, it can also be used by experienced technicians that want or need documented training.

Does Having a TIA Certified Trainer Make a Difference?

The short answer is yes; having a TIA-certified trainer makes a huge difference. When technicians are certified by TIA, they are better prepared to provide safe and high-quality service. They are more qualified than their counterparts that haven’t been trained. When you have a TIA-certified trainer on site, they are always available. Our technicians are trained exactly when they need it because we have a trainer constantly available.

It’s important to understand that tire installation and repair can be dangerous for technicians and customers when performed carelessly. The good news is these types of accidents can be avoided. When a technician successfully completes TIA’s Automotive Tire Service (ATS) Certification Program, they have thorough, in-depth classroom and hands-on training. They must also pass a comprehensive written exam that is proctored. During their training, they are taught how to position and lift vehicles properly, remove, inspect, repair, mount, balance, and install tires, wheels, hardware, and assemblies. They also learn how to identify, diagnose, and service tire pressure monitoring systems.

When technicians have TIA’s extensive training, it minimizes the potential for severe injuries in the shop and for customers. It also reduces the risk of expensive damage to vehicles. When technicians have TIA certification, it significantly reduces the risks associated with tire service.

When you contact us, you can be sure that we provide the best quality service and reduce your need to visit us a second time for your initial problem. As a result, we run a safe shop with limited workplace injuries and fewer incidents on the road after we service your tires. In addition, you can be sure that our TIA certification helps align our processes and ensure that our technicians and managers work together to achieve the same intended result.

Why Choose S&S Tire Best One Tire & Service?

Not only does S&S Tire Best One Tire & Service require employees to complete the TIA Basic Automotive Tire Service training program, but we have a certified trainer that conducts Tire Industry Association (TIA) educational programs on-site. This program guarantees that our customers are serviced properly. Our tire dealership is well prepared for success because we have the support of TIA-certified technicians and on-site trainers. Our shop is differentiated from those that don’t employ TIA-certified technicians because we can guarantee that we provide safe and reliable tire repair and service. If you need any type of tire service or repair, contact us, S&S Tire Best One Tire & Service, today.