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Please let us know which S&S location you plan to visit.

Off the Road Tires in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia

When it comes to off-the-road commercial tires, you need to find a location that can tackle all your off-the-road needs. When you have tire needs for your heavy equipment or construction vehicles, look no further than S&S Tire / Best-One Tire – Commercial Division.

Why Use Off-the-Road Tires?

When you use off-the-road tires, they are intended to carry a significant amount of weight while still driving through challenging road conditions. These tires are used in bridge, road, and construction industries. These tires become the foundation for the most powerful equipment in the industry.

Types of Off-the-Road Tires

Backhoe Tires

Backhoes are versatile because they have varying roles. This heavy equipment may dig a trench in soft soil, but it could also move material while traveling over rocks. You should be aware of the major roles of your backhoe because that determines what tires you need. You need traction and stability when working in mud and soft soil. If you’re working over gravel and rocks, you need tires that are resistant to being cut and durable. For machines that travel long distances, you need tires that have superior wear resistance.

Bulldozer Tires

Bulldozers and loaders work in constantly varied conditions. You just never know where you’re going to take this equipment. As a result, you’ll need tires that are wide and have a robust amount of traction. This allows the tires to distribute the weight of the truck evenly so it doesn’t get stuck on softer ground.

Other Tires

Telehandler tires need to handle high-capacity loads as they transport cargo on and off the highway. These tires must be prepared for extended wear in the most rugged conditions. Skid steer loader tires must be versatile and maneuver well. These machines are diggers, loaders, and haulers. They need tires that can match their workload.

Why Should You Select the Right Tire?

You must select the right off-the-road tire to ensure job site safety. You need tires for your heavy machinery that are built for the tough job ahead. You want to avoid accidents or blowouts because they can cause damage to property or injury. If you pick the wrong tire, it can lead to additional costs as a result of major repairs. You want to find versatile tires that can help you overcome the challenges associated with the construction industry. Technology improves regularly, and new off-the-road tire options are available for your selection.

When you need off-the-road tires, contact S&S Tire / Best-One Tire – Commercial Division for your next tire selection. Our technicians understand the importance for you to find durable tires that will endure any terrain or landscape that you want to throw at them. You should understand if you’ll be working on rough terrains, muddy spaces, or inclines. Even better, we offer more than just tires. We can provide inspections, replacements, and repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your tires replaced.