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5 Common Trailer Repairs You Should Know About in Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee & Surrounding Areas

Travel trailers are an excellent way to explore the great outdoors, providing accommodations that make it easy and comfortable to get away. But with any vehicle, maintenance is necessary in order to keep your trailer running smoothly. Here are five common repairs you may need on your travel trailer while traveling through Kentucky.

1) Tire Repairs – The tires on a trailer take a lot of wear and tear, especially when they’re hauling heavy loads down rough terrain or gravel roads. If you notice bulging sidewalls or excessive tread wear, it’s time for new tires. It’s also important to routinely check tire pressure as this can affect fuel efficiency and handling performance during long distances.

2) Electrical System Upgrades – Many modern trailers come equipped with sophisticated electronic systems that facilitate air conditioning, entertainment centers, interior lighting, powering external devices such as TVs, and more. Over time these components will require routine maintenance or upgrades to keep them functioning properly over their lifetime of use.

3) Brake Adjustment/Repair – Trailers have brakes just like cars do but typically don’t have power assist so adjusting the brakes is something you should be familiar with if you live in the area or plan to travel through it regularly. If the brakes are not properly adjusted, they can lead to poor braking performance and potential road hazards.

4) Refrigerator Repairs – One of the biggest pains while traveling with a trailer is when the refrigerator stops working. Unfortunately, fixing a broken refrigerator is no easy task and requires experience in both refrigeration systems and electricity to repair correctly. Consider investing in an extended warranty if you’re frequently on the road so that you can get help from a qualified technician should this issue arise during your travels.

5) Awning Maintenance – Travel trailers often come equipped with retractable fabric awnings along their sides designed for providing shade and protection from inclement weather during your camping trips. To keep these components functioning properly, routine maintenance and cleaning should be done to avoid any rips or tears occurring over time due to the elements.

With the right maintenance and repairs, your travel trailer can provide years of reliable service while you explore Kentucky’s beautiful landscape. Keep these tips in mind so that your trips stay safe and enjoyable!