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We are proud to be a local business!

Why is it important to support locally owned and operated businesses?

When you buy local, you support your community.
Buying from a locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned retailer, means that significantly more of the money you spend will be used in your community, supporting your local economy as well as other local businesses and service providers.

Patronizing local businesses means supporting community groups.
Small business owners are the main source of support for most local non-profit organizations. They receive an average 250% more support from local businesses than they do from larger businesses.

Supporting local businesses preserves the unique characteristics of your community.
When we shop, eat, and enjoy local entertainment we support all of the unique features and offerings that make our community home.

As a local business, we better serve the local economy and environment.
Since S&S Tire has a local warehouse, we buy direct and require less transportation. This means better prices for local customers and less pollution for the environment.

When you support small local businesses, you support employment in your community.
Nationally, small businesses are the largest collective provider of employment in the country. Locally, a community’s small businesses provide the most jobs to area residents.

As vested members of the community, local businesses typically provide the best service.
Local businesses serve their neighbors and take pride in their local reputation. They often hire people with specialized product knowledge, who also have a better understanding of the customers they serve.

Local businesses are more focused on selling local customers what they want.
As a local business, S&S Tire selects products based on the needs of their local customers, not on a national sales plan. This assures a much broader range of product choices.

S&S Tire is owned by people who live in your community. That means we are securely invested in our community’s future. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!

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